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Cyprus unemployment recedes in January

04 March, 2014

Unemployment in January dropped to 16.8% of the active population of Cyprus, translating into 74,000 persons, compared to 17.2% in December 2013.
According to Eurostat figures, in January the average unemployment in the Euro area was 12.0% of the active population, and in the whole of the EU 10.8%, both stable since October 2013.
Regarding Cyprus, unemployment among men was 17.4%, women 16.1% and persons under 25 years of age 40.3%, compared to the average in the Euro area of 11.8%, 12.2% and 24.0%, respectively.
The highest unemployment rate in Eurozone countries in January was recorded in Greece with 28.0%, Spain 25.8%, and Cyprus 16.8%, while the lowest in Luxembourg with 6.1%, Germany 5.0%, and Austria 4.9%.