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Alpha Bank supports the University of Cyprus MBA Program

17 February, 2014

Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd considers its duty and its responsibility to make constant contributions to society and the general public, particularly in regards to the young, who are the future pillars of society. As of this, in recent years, it has actively shown its concern and sensitivity through a number of activities.

In this framework, the bank has offered financial awards to a team of students from the University of Cyprus MBA Program for the completion of their thesis titled “The Cyprus Tax System: Function and Effectiveness.” The spark for this initiative was given by the Greek Embassy in Cyprus which also outlined the study’s subject matter. The team of students, which worked zealously for two years in order to complete the thesis, was selected with the help of the embassy.

As a close associate and supporter of both the University and the Greek Embassy, the Bank endeavored to bring this initiative to a conclusion by sponsoring the aforementioned awards.

The award ceremony took place at the Senate Council Building at the University of Cyprus on Thursday, 6th February 2014, and the speakers included the Dean of the University Prof. Constantinos Christofides, the Heads of the MBA Program Dr. Andreas Soteriou and Dr. Andreas Charitou, Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd Marketing and Products Division Manager Mrs. Irene Charitou and 1st Supervising Advisor of Financial and Commercial Matters of the Greek Embassy Mr. Vasilis Scronias.