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OPINION: Public appeal to ‘Howitzer Haris’

14 February, 2014

Time for Cyprus Finance Minister to fight back!

Mr Haris Georgiades
Minister of Finance

Dear Mr Minister

As taxpayers, we are fed up of every public servant going on strike, just because they feel like it.
As taxpayers, we are fed up of every civil servant not answering the phone, just because it might be ringing on the next desk, with the pitiful excuse that “because many left public service, our workload has increased.”
As taxpayers, we are fed up of the government machine slowing down even further and not processing paperwork, with the same excuse.
As taxpayers, we are fed up of trade unions imposing conditions on when and how the semi-government organisations should or should not be privatised. It is clear that their ultimate goal is for these “national assets” to be handed over to the workers and the unions on a silver plate. In which case, do we, as taxpayers, not have a say in national assets? Why should they have the privilege of becoming shareholders and we do not?
As taxpayers, we demand that all SGO employees (EAC, Cyta, Ports) be told how much will be deducted from their February salaries, for the hours they have not worked the past few days.
So, how much will we, as taxpayers, have saved at the end of this month?
The private sector is suffering because of this no-can-do attitude and the lack of responsibility in the government, public and banking sectors, which has resulted in a drain on credit facilities, compounded by the strict controls still in place.
It is incomprehensible how the newly-appointed chairmen and boards of the SGOs can even face the public when, according to the general opinion, they are doing nothing. Saying they have been there for only a month is not an excuse. In this day and age, actions should be dealt with on a daily basis on not whenever the next board meeting may be.
But the same also applies to you, Mr Minister. How do you intend to deal with these issues? How long will you continue to give in to the bullying unions’ demands?
If you cannot deal with the EAC, Cyta and the Ports, then give us the keys. We will show you how these organisations can be turned around to become efficient, competitive and profitable for the benefit of the consumer, the taxpayer and the shareholder.

Masis Der Parthogh, publisher

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