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Troika mission to meet with Cyprus FinMin, governor on Monday

09 February, 2014

Finance Minister Harris Georgiades and Central Bank Governor Panicos Demetriades are expected to have a meeting with the Troika heads of mission in Cyprus, on Monday.
CNA sources say that an updated Memorandum of Agreement, which was handed over by the Troika to the Ministry of Finance, on Saturday, has been sent to the relevant Ministries for comments.
The same sources add that a meeting is expected to take place sometime on Monday between the heads of the Troika mission in Cyprus, Georgiades and Demetriades.
The Cypriot authorities and the Troika (EC, ECB and the IMF) agreed last March on a €10 billion bailout, featuring haircut of uninsured deposits. So far Cyprus has received two positive reviews on the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding, covering the conditions of the financial assistance.
The Troika mission in Cyprus for its third review is due to leave the island on Wednesday.