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Three thousand new cancer cases a year in Cyprus

04 February, 2014

New cases of cancer are increasing year by year in Cyprus and deaths amount to 1.200 per year.

According to the latest statistics, secured by CNA from the Cancer archives, at least three thousand new cases of cancer are recorded each year, with more frequent that of breast cancer for women and prostate cancer for men.

Although the growth of new cancer cases in Cyprus in recent years is recorded, however experts indicate that Cyprus is low compared to other countries of the European Union

Cancer cases recorded per year from the Cancer archives are as follows: 1998:1597 (770 men, 827 women), 1999: 1611 (800 men, 811 women), 2000: 1755 (929 men, 826 women), 2001: 1909 (980 men, 929 women), 2002: 2045 (1070 men, 975 women), 2003: 2156 (1114 men, 1042 women), 2004: 2376 (1263 men, 1113 women), 2005: 2415 (1272 men, 1143 women), 2006: 2457 (1302 men, 1155 women), 2007: 2718 (1381 men, 1337 women), 2008: 2843 (1465 men, 1378 women) and 2009: 2880 (1520 men, 1360 women).

In statements to CNA, Head of the Unit Health Monitoring, Pavlos Pavlou said that "there is a significant increase from the time incidents began to be recorded, from 1998 to 2009," noting that the growth rate of new cases reaches about 3%, which in real numbers is up to three thousand people per year.

He said people should not be concerned or panic, because as he noted "cancer is a very common disease worldwide and Cyprus compared with other European countries, is relatively low."

Director General of PASYKAF Nikos Filipou told CNA that every year occur about 3,000 new cases, noting that "there is an increase 2% to 3% year by year".

Regarding mortality, he said that "there are 1.200 deaths a year".

As he noted, "we must focus on the fact that we can prevent and heal cancer".