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UNICEF Cyprus launches e-shop, joins Facebook

27 January, 2014

UNICEF Cyprus has launched its e-shop and set up a Facebook page with the help of volunteers for the sale of cards and gifts in aid of children as well as provide information on coming events and past activities from its Facebook page.
UNICEF Cyprus will operate its e-shop under the brand “BuynHelp” with the link at providing the full UNICEF catalogue which includes thousands of gift items ideal for every taste. The FB page, which operates under the brand “Buy N Help”, will provide details of coming events as well as past activities including a special section dedicated to the volunteers who help the organization in Cyprus.
The electronic store ( was developed by the software company Cosine Consultants, which provides Business Software Solutions to companies in Cyprus and abroad. Company employees volunteered their time, skills and effort along with the assistance of students and staff members of the American Academy of Nicosia who were instrumental with their volunteer work in the implementation of the project.
UNICEF began operating in Cyprus after the country’s independence in 1960. It expanded its activities and became well-known after 1983 with the operation of an office in Nicosia, which while small in size, is very active.
UNICEF Cyprus employs mostly seasonal staff during the peak Christmas period, headed by the Executive Director Maria Panayiotou but it is supported by many volunteers. Its main activity is the sale product sales; although UNICEF Cyprus is also active in spearheading fundraising and raising awareness for charity causes, while being at forefront of drive to help children around the globe.
Cyprus is among the fortunate countries to have its own National Goodwill Ambassador, Mr Athanasios Ktorides, who provides invaluable support and help to all the major UNICEF Cyprus fundraising activities as well as sponsoring major events, the proceeds of which are used to support children in Cyprus and abroad.
UNICEF Cyprus also supports and encourages initiatives to promote sport activities among children and youth. It actively participates in the annual Quantum Nicosia Marathon with the 1 km UNICEF Run, an event which is fully sponsored by the Athanasios Ktorides Foundation and Quantum Energy.