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Larnaca among the top ten European cities for European Mobility Week

17 January, 2014

Larnaca, on the southern coast of Cyprus, is among the top ten cities of Europe for hosting events in the context of the EU Mobility Week.

For the second consecutive year, Larnaca was included in a total of 1,923 cities for events for Mobility Week, aiming at creating an urban environment that would be friendly to alternative mobility means such as public transport, bicycles and walking.

Representatives of the Municipality of Larnaca will take part in the ceremony to decide the best events that aim at using bicycles as a means of transport, to take place in Brussels on March 24-25.

Lefteris Embedoklis, Secretary of the Larnaca Municipality, has told CNA that Larnaca has been participating for years in the Mobility Week organized every September by cities of Europe.

"The aim of these events is to reduce the use of motor vehicles and minimize emissions," he added, recalling that three years ago Larnaca was chosen in the top three for the events organized, while last year the city was short-listed among the top ten European cities for the best action in the context of the European Mobility week.

The European Mobility Week Award scheme aims to reward the local authority that is deemed to have done the most in raising public awareness of sustainable mobility issues and in implementing measures to achieve a shift towards sustainable urban transport. An independent panel of transport experts assesses all eligible applications and shortlists 10 local authorities which they consider have performed outstandingly well.