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Αgreement for developing land owned by Cypriots within the British Bases

16 January, 2014

President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades has expressed satisfaction for the signing of an agreement between the government of the Republic of Cyprus and the British government which lifts restrictions in developing land owned by Cypriots within the British Bases areas.

A statement issued by the President said that “the agreement is an historic development regarding the Bases since after more than 53 years from the foundation of the Republic of Cyprus, a general guideline on development within the British Bases is achieved”.

Negotiations began on October 2 2013 and were recently concluded in Nicosia after ten meetings of the negotiating committees. The agreement allows a large part of the Bases area to be included in the town planning zones, so they can be developed. Specifically, 78% of the BB territory, around 200 square kilometers, that includes private properties, will become part of the regulation.

The President said the agreement secures equal rights to residents and owners of properties in the British Bases, with the rest of the population in the Republic of Cyprus, to develop their properties within the Bases areas.

It lifts all current restrictions about eligibility and the development of properties within the British Bases so that all regulations applied in the Republic of Cyprus will be valid within the Bases areas, as regards purchasing and developing properties by European or third country nationals.

It further aligns the situation in the British Bases as regards to what is valid in the Republic of Cyprus and normalizes the lives of residents of the British Bases. At the same time, it provides the possibility of financially developing the areas within the Bases, resulting with positive repercussions for the welfare of the residents of the communities and generally helps in promoting the Cyprus economy.

It also confirms the longstanding position of the government that the British Bases in Cyprus are solely used for military purposes and secures the national vital interests of the Republic of Cyprus as regards the British Bases areas.

The agreement also brings a fresh air of optimism for the residents of the British Bases and those who have property in the Bases since it opens up great economic prospects for development and activity during an especially difficult economic time. At the same time, it proves the implementation of the package of measures to relaunch the economy, announced on 19th April which included an agreement with the British for development for non-military purposes in the Bases areas.

President Anastasiades said that next Wednesday, 200 January at 10am local time, he will chair a meeting with the relevant ministers, district officers, community representatives who have property within the Bases, as well as the chairpersons and members of the relevant House Committees and members of the House from Limassol, Famagusta and Larnaca District where the Bases are stationed as well as associations to present and analyze the agreement.