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Unemployment in Cyprus at 16.2% at 3rd Q 2013

23 December, 2013

Unemployment among the labour force stood at 16.2% in Cyprus for the third quarter of 2013, up by 0.7% in relation to the corresponding quarter of 2012, data released on Monday by the Cyprus Statistical Service show.

At the same time youth unemployment between people aged 15 to 24 was recorded at 38.5%, reduced by 1.8% compared to the previous quarter but marking a significant increase of 12.1% compared to the same quarter of last year.

In particular, 374.8 thousand people were in employment at the 3rd quarter of 2013 (196.2 thousand men and 178.6 thousand women) while 72.7 thousand people were unemployed (38.7 thousand men and 34.0 thousand women).

The percentage of employment in people between the ages of 20 and 64 was 66.9% (72.7% men and 61.7% women) recording a drop compared to the previous quarter (67.3%) and the corresponding quarter of 2012 (70.0%).

Unemployment came to 16.2% of the labour force (men 16.5% and women 16.0%) up in relation to the previous quarter (15.5%) and the same quarter of 2012 (12.1%).