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Cypriots pessimistic over economy and employment

23 December, 2013

Cypriots are pessimistic right now and for 2014 over the country’s economy and particularly employment, a European autumn Eurobarometer shows.

Citizens seem to trust the government more than political parties while support for the European currency is losing ground.

In particular 97% of Cypriots asked feels the economic situation in the country is “bad” or “very bad” whilst a mere 3% thinks the opposite.

For the next 12 months 7% of Cypriot participants see an improvement of the situation while 72% thinks it will deteriorate and 19% that it will stagnate.

Replying to a question on their personal employment situation 27% of Cypriot participants replied it is “good” and 39% “bad”. Average replies in the EU were 54% and 29% respectively.

Employment in general is viewed by 98% as “bad” or “very bad” while only 2% considers it “good”.

Unemployment (77%) and the economic situation (74%) are the two most significant problems the country is faced with today.

About 26% of Cypriot participants trust the government while 68% does not. At the same time 18% trust the House of Representatives while 77% doesn’t.

Cypriots don’t trust political parties (91% of responses) as opposed to 7%. In the EU 28 14% trusts political parties while 82% does not.

Replying to a question as to whether they support the European Monetary Union and the euro, 44% of Cypriot participants were for it while 52% against it. Last year both sides recorded a 47%.

The survey was conducted in all European member states between November 2 and 17.