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Cyprus rises up FIABCI ladder, optimistic outlook for real estate

20 December, 2013

The Cyprus Chapter of the FIABCI International Real Estate Federation has been upgraded to a “Mediterranean Middle East Multinational Chapter”. The upgrade was achieved under the framework of the FIABCI International Winter Business Meetings conference, which took place in Dublin on December 4-7, on the request of FIABCI-Cyprus.
A delegation from FIABCI-Cyprus, consisting of Lakis Tofarides (President), Tasos Stavrou (General Secretary, President of FIABCI International Young Members) and Dr Emilios Soloumou (academic advisor, Vice-President for Administration of the University of Nicosia), presented the federation’s strategic plan, as well as Cyprus’ comparative advantages to take on this post.
The aim of this upgrade is to broaden Cyprus’ relations and partnerships with the broader area of the Mediterranean and Middle East, to create a powerful alliance that will play a leading role in FIABCI-International, as well as to create a financially prosperous multinational Chapter, in order to create business opportunities and relations between its members.
“The upgrade of the Cyprus Chapter to a multinational role creates an optimistic outlook for the real estate market, but also the broader Cyprus economy,” the organisation said in an announcement.
“On the sidelines of the conference, Mr Solomou met with the presidents of the Exchanges and Internship Committees, as well as a delegation of 16 students from a Belgian university, while actions are already underway for internships and student exchanges.”
Cyprus has been an active member of the federation since 1984.