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The role of FIABCI-Cyprus is upgraded

16 December, 2013

The aim for 2014 is for it to be upgraded into a Mediterranean Middle East Multinational Chapter

The International Real Estate Federation FIABCI (Cyprus Chapter) received approval in principle by FIABCI International to be upgraded into a “Mediterranean Middle East Multinational Chapter,” and has the whole of 2014 to present a comprehensive plan and implement the proposal that it submitted to FIABCI-International. The decision was taken unanimously in the context of the FIABCI International Winter Business Meetings conference, which took place in Dublin on 4-7 December.

A delegation from FIABCI-Cyprus, consisting of Messrs Lakis Tofarides (President of FIABCI-Cyprus), Tasos Stavrou (General Secretary of FIABCI-Cyprus, President of the FIABCI International Young Members) and Dr. Emilios Solomou (Vice-President for Administration of the University of Nicosia – academic member of FIABCI-Cyprus), presented the Federation’s strategic plan, as well as Cyprus’ comparative advantages to take on this post.

The aim of the intended upgrade is to broaden Cyprus’ relations and partnerships within the broader area of the Mediterranean and Middle East, to create a powerful alliance that will play a leading role in FIABCI-International, as well as to create a financially prosperous multinational Chapter, in order to create business opportunities and relations between its members.

The University of Nicosia, as an academic member of the Federation, particularly contributed to the approval of efforts to upgrade FIABCI-Cyprus, since during the recent visit of the President of FIABCI International Mr Flavio Gonzaga to Cyprus, who toured the University of Nicosia, it was confirmed that it can serve as a University Training Center of FIABCI University, in the broader region of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

The International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) promotes collaboration and networking among the sector’s professionals from all over the world, without getting involved in political processes. It has local chapters in 48 countries, among which is Cyprus, an active member of the federation since 1976. Its regular members (individuals and companies) exceed 3,500, while its members also include academic institutions and national associations, which represent some two million professionals, making FIABCI the most representative organization in the real estate industry worldwide. FIABCI is represented in the United Nations, as an advisor to its Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). FIABCI is especially interested in education, placing excellent training as a goal for those who wish to become active professionally in the industry.