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Cyprus authorities ready to deal with cold weather

11 December, 2013

Island wide low temperatures, rain, storms and snow

Winter is making its presence truly felt in Cyprus with low temperatures, rain, snow and storms across the island.

The coastal region of Larnaca, a windward area, is experiencing strong 7-8 Βeaufort winds. Snow in the Troodos mountain peak reached Wednesday morning 30cm, with temperatures -7 Celsius.

In statements to CNA Cleanthis Nicolaides, a senior officer of the Cyprus Meteorological Service, said that the main feature of the extreme weather phenomena is low temperatures across the island.

He further said that the winds are expected to abate somewhat in the evening, but that during the day strong winds are expected to continue, in combination with light drizzle, which in altitudes of over 700 – 800 meters will take the form of showers and over 1,000 meters snow.

Nicolaides noted that while the extreme weather conditions will subside slightly on Thursday, strong winds will return on Friday.

"Rain, showers and snow depending on the altitude are on the menu for the next three days," he said.

Also local services are bracing themselves to deal with possible repercussions from extreme weather conditions.

Temperatures are set to drop. Strong winds, thunderstorms and snowfall are also on the cards.

Municipal authorities are closely monitoring weather developments, preparing places to accommodate people who do not have heating at home.

The police also monitor the weather conditions in order to inform the public on the situation of roads, according to the Press Office of Cyprus Police.

The Senior Meteorological Officer Cleanthis Nicolaides told CNA that the weather will deteriorate as of today. “The main characteristics of the weather for the next three-four days will be low temperatures”, he said, adding that during the night the temperature will be around zero degrees in the capital Nicosia and up in the mountains it will be below zero.

Nicolaides noted that tonight it is expected to snow on the mountains of an altitude over 1200 meters. On Thursday and Friday storms and strong northeastern winds are expected, he added.

Makis Nicolaides, Head of the Information and Citizens Office in the Municipality of Nicosia, told CNA that a shelter will open and hot beverages will be served to those in need in a Municipal Centre.