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Exhibition of new paintings by Vartan Tashdjian at THOC

15 November, 2013

The Minister of Culture and Education, Mr Kyriakos Kenevezos, and KPMG proudly opened an exhibition of 32 new paintings by Vartan Tashdjian, one of the most important contemporary artists in Cyprus, on the 12th of November. Many high profile guests attended the opening event, which included a screening of a documentary about Vartan’s life and work, Shades of Tranquility. The exhibition, a celebration of the painter’s 40-year career, will be open to the public until the 24thof November at the Cyprus Theatre Organization (THOC) in Nicosia.

“I’m thrilled about this opportunity to share my new paintings with the public, particularly the people of Cyprus, who have supported me throughout my career. I want to thank KPMG and Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture for their assistance in putting together this exhibition. I hope the many art lovers of Cyprus will come spend some time with my paintings and enjoy my impressions of our beautiful island.”

Vartan has dedicated his life and his work to Cyprus, his adopted home, and its diverse land and seascapes are his greatest inspirations, particularly the island’s mountain ranges and golden fields, its unrivalled light and impossibly rich colours. Vartan’s experience of the island, as rendered in his paintings, is as visceral for him as his own heartbeat. Art critics mentioned that every painting of Vartan Tashdjian is a tribute to his chosen homeland, Cyprus.

Vartan is a highly accomplished and critically acclaimed artist. He has exhibited widely in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, The Middle and Far East, taking him to cities like Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, London, Athens, Sydney, Bangkok, Dubai, Beirut to name a few. Just recently he presented his latest work, on the 23rd of October in Los Angeles, in a very successful exhibition that explored sailing and village scenes, a little nostalgia with Melkonian and some showcases of Vartan’s finest watercolour and oil paintings. His works can be found in Art Museums, Galleries and private collections all over the world. No other Cypriot painter has exhibited work in so many international venues. He is recipient of numerous awards and his exhibition in Cyprus promises to mesmerise all art lovers.

Exhibition Information
Vartan Tashdjian
November 13th-24th 2013
Visiting Hours: Wednesday through Sunday 10:00-20:00
Cyprus Theatre Organisation (THOC)
9 Grigori Afxentiou Street
1096 Nicosia
(Tel) 22864300
Facebook: Vartan Tashdjian Artist