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Cyprus should use expat lobby for energy security

23 August, 2013

The developments in the Cyprus offshore Exclusive Economic Zone and the involvement of the American Noble Energy Group in oil and gas exploration present great opportunities and potentials for the island, the organisations of overseas Cypriots, POMAK, PSEKA and NEPOMAK, have pointed out. They also stressed the importance of the further enhancement of relations with the Jewish lobby.

Speaking at a press conference Friday, following the conclusion of the meetings, PSEKA President Philip Christofer said that Cyprus’ interests in the region must correspond with those of the United States and Israel, pointing out that we have much to gain if we develop stronger ties with the Jewish lobby.

He said that PSEKA has strong relations with the lobby and the Jewish community and they have always supporting Cyprus and its interests and struggles. He also referred to the establishment of the American-Hellenic-Israeli Alliance in the US that promotes the interests of Greece, US and Israel.

The PSEKA President also referred to the suggestion for the establishment of a solidarity fund for Cyprus and the foundation of the so called ‘one stop shop’, which could provide assistance to foreign investors who wish to invest in Cyprus. Furthermore, he said that an immigration bill is due to be adopted by the Congress in September, which gives the opportunity to Greeks and Cypriots to get work permits in the US for a period of two years, granted they have found employment first.

Newly elected POMAK President Andreas Papaevripides, replacing Haris Sophoclides, sent a message of solidarity to Cypriots, noting that all the Cypriots overseas are joining hands to assist Cyprus to overcome the current economic crisis. He also stressed the importance of the existing relations with the Jewish lobby, noting that at least 80 MPs in the UK Parliament are Jewish and they have been supporting Cyprus and its struggle mostly for the Cyprus problem.

Papaevripides also noted how important it is that an American company, such as Noble Energy, is carrying out drilling in Cyprus’ EEZ.

Evagoras Mavromatis, speaking on behalf of the Cypriots who reside in France, also stressed the importance of the Jewish Lobby noting that the particular lobby is the second biggest worldwide.

NEPOMAK President Christos Karaolis said he has been in touch with the Youth Board in Cyprus in order to provide assistance to young people who wish to find a job abroad or want to stay abroad after they have finished their studies. Karaolis also spoke of the importance of good networking and the great opportunities the internet provides towards that end.