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Cypriots are hardworking and will overcome crisis, says Archbishop

27 December, 2012

Archbishop Chrysostomos II said that Cypriots are hardworking people and due to their diligence and right planning will be able to come out of the current economic crisis.

Speaking at the inauguration service for a new church at the Paphos village of Tala, on the southwest coast of the island, the Archbishop expressed his optimism that Cyprus will exit the crisis, without having to borrow money from international lenders.

Replying to a question he also said that as a country we are more vulnerable when it comes to the Cyprus problem, pointing out that we must not deviate from the basis of the solution.

The government of Cyprus has applied for an EU bailout due to the banks' large exposure to Greek sovereign debt and a runaway public sector, seeking about 10 bln euros from the European Commission, teh European Central Bank and the IMF.