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Rompuy: Cyprus EU Presidency aimed fully at Unions common interest

17 December, 2012

President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy Stressed Friday that Cyprus’ first and successful EU Presidency was fully aimed at the Union’s common interest.

“I would like to thank President Christofias for the excellent cooperation during the
Cyprus Presidency. It was the country`s first Presidency since its accession, fully aimed at the Union`s common interest. All along we have worked intensively together, also with many members of the government, in particular on the ongoing budget talks”, he said.

Rompuy noted that from the summer, the Cyprus Presidency spared no effort in carefully preparing the ground.

“It was indispensable work, even if we will only reach the final deal early next year”, he noted.

Another major contribution, Rompuy added, is the conclusion of the European Patent, thanks to the ultimate agreement reached between the Council and the Parliament.

“It is the happy end to a 40 year-long Odyssey. And if you allow me to continue that image: even if we do not know for sure on which Mediterranean island the historic Odysseus lived, for Europe, in the patent case, our beloved "Ithaca" clearly is Cyprus”, he went on to say.