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CYPRUS and EU sign agreement on hosting of a MEOLUT station

02 October, 2012

The Republic of Cyprus and the EU signed Tuesday an agreement on setting up a Galileo ground station in Cyprus.

The ground station will be one of a network of three so-called Medium Earth Orbit Local User Terminals (MEOLUT) that will relay distress signals received by the Galileo satellites to rescue teams throughout the European Union.

The agreement was signed by Vice-President of the European C omission Antonio Tajani and the Cypriot Minister of Communications and Works, Efthemios Flourentzou.

The Galileo Search and Rescue (SAR) service will be one of five services to be provided by the European global navigation satellite system.

The service will provide a SAR support service, which is implemented by Search and Rescue transponders embarked on the Galileo satellites and through a network of three European ("MEOLUT"s) to be located in Cyprus, Norway and Spain (Canary Islands).