Key activities in online marketing

20 November, 2011 | Posted By: Stavros Angelides

Most people associate online marketing directly with online advertising and pay-per-click ads or banner ads. Actually online advertising is just one of the three key activities of online marketing.

The three main key activities are:

Online advertising is actually a method for online acquisition. The goal of online Acquisition is to grow awareness of your company or products and enough interest for your target internet audience. Other methods to generate traffic include: Search engine optimization, affiliates, third-party email lists, social networking, blogging collaborative authoring, in-house email lists, online video ads.
Acquisition also includes offline methods to drive traffic to your site such as: TV and radio advertising, print ad magazine advertising, public relations and media coverage.

Conversion is the second key activity of online marketing. When you drive traffic to your site your next goal is to make these visitors take a desired conversion action. A conversion action can be considered anything that has a measurable value to your business: purchase, download, newsletter registration or even a simple click-through to another page on your website. In order to achieve conversions you need to have the appropriate landing page design.

Retention starts immediately after the initial conversion action on your site has been taken. This initial action may have been an email newsletter, or a white paper download. Retention should seek to build on the initial permission with anticipated, personal, and relevant ongoing communications.
The basis for all retention programs is the ability for the user to receive information from your company on an ongoing basis. You can use Email, newsletters, blog feeds, news feeds.
Increasing the lifetime value of the client relationship can have an effect on revenues.

Make sure that before you apply any online marketing strategy you have first created the right landing pages for your site and your website is properly structured for easy navigation.

Stavros Angelides is the Managing Director of SAE-Business LtdProfessional Web Development company.