5 reasons to redesign your corporate website

31 December, 2013 | Posted By: Stavros Angelides

5 reasons to redesign your corporate website

By Alice Kotlyarenko
PR & Communications, SAE Business Ltd

Like any other business today, your company has a website. As long as it works, you probably don’t see any need to invest in the development for a new website. But if you think of your corporate web page as the only thing online users judge your business by, you might want to reconsider.
The Internet is an incredibly fast-evolving environment, and if your website does not evolve along with it, your business will be missing a lot of opportunities to attract new customers.
If you are not sure whether or not hiring a web design company for a revamp is justified, here are five good reasons to assign a part of your marketing budget for professional web development of a new site.

1. To Make Your Business Look Up-to-Date
Web design is not unlike fashion: new trends appear every year, and if the design was created a decade ago, it is obvious. The Internet users are very picky about the websites they choose to trust. An outdated web page is often thought to be neglected by the company that owns it, and this can undermine the visitors’ trust.
2. To Let Your Website Make a Stunning First Impression
Decisions on whether or not to read further or return to the search are made within seconds or even split seconds. The first impression your website makes plays a prominent part in your bounce rate, so a fresh and clean design will help to engage visitors and persuade them to continue browsing your website.
3. To Take Advantage of New Functionality
Your website can be more than an information page: these days, with professional web development you can add much more value for your visitors by incorporating blogs, forums, online calendars, newsfeeds, Google maps, and what not. When new features are constantly added to the old website, eventually it starts looking clumsy, and the loading speed is likely to suffer, too. With an updated design, you can integrate all the cutting-edge functionality seamlessly.
4. To Win Over Mobile Users
The number of visitors who use smartphones and tablets to browse the web is constantly growing. Several years ago web designers didn’t think about the way their pages looked on mobile devices, so most likely your website is not fit for mobile browsing. With a new design, you can make your website mobile-friendly, so that smartphone and tablet users stay on your page, not leave in frustration because it looks terrible on their mobile devices.
5. To Use Social Media
Social media is a lead channel no business can afford ignoring. By adding social share buttons you let visitors tell hundreds of new potential customers about your business in one click. By connecting the website to your company’s social media accounts, you let them stay in touch in the environments they are used to. Of course, you can try adding these buttons to your old design, but like the new features, they look out of place unless incorporated in the design from the beginning.
Redesigning your website is similar to rebranding your business: of course, you can continue with the old brand or design, but it’s important to show the customers that your business is alive, active and evolves along with the market.
What do you think? Is hiring a web design company for a revamp worth the investment?
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Alice Kotlyarenko is PR & Communications Executive at SAE Business Ltd -